Gen 3 Hemi

331/354/392 Early Hemi

383-440 Mopar Parts



Custom Tools

ER-32 High Quality Collet Tray


CAT 40 V-Flange Heavy Duty Tool Holder Vise Tightening Fixture


Feeler Gauge Handle

Custom Machined Billet Aluminum Feeler Gage Handle

Designed for strength, and proper fit in your hand.

Centrifugal Clutch Feeler Gauge Set

Three custom machined billet aluminum handles with .040, .045 and .050 Blades.

Feeler Blades can be purchased individually. Additional sizes available upon request.

(3-piece set)

Piston and Rod Pusher

Anodized black and made from aluminum, bent with just the right angle to remove the rod and piston from inside the block.

A must-have tool for quick between round service.

Custom Pit and Trailer Equipment

Piston Rack Cover

Keep you pistons and rods clean while in storage. Rack cover is made from high grade naugahyde. 

Piston and Rod Rack

Piston and Rod Rack - ABS plastic with aluminum tray.

Various bore sizes available.


Clutch Disc and Floater Rack

Keep clutch discs and floaters organized and ready for between-round clutch maintenance.

Rack holds up to (3) discs and (2) floaters in diameters up to 11". 

Custom 16 Hole Spark Plug Rack Holder

Custom CNC machined for great looks and strength. 

The perfect addition to any tool tray. 

Injector Nozzle Storage Rack

Injector Nozzle Storage Rack Holds up to 56 nozzles.

Engine Covers
Keep the dust and dirt off your engine. Made from .050 aluminum and powder coated black.
A must for between rounds maintenance and when engine short block is in storage.
(2-piece set)

Miscellaneous Products 

Stanke Motorsports is a proud distributor for the following products:

  • 3M Adhesive and Applicators

  • 3M Tapes

  • Loctite Products

Engine Diaper Oil Absorbent Pads

Use these pads inside your engine diapers or belly pan. Great for shop oil spills or for placement under cars and bikes to catch the drips.


Pads are 15" X 18". 


Engine Storage Bags

Engine Storage Bags. 54" X 48" 4 mil clear storage bags. 

(4) bags per pack.

Cylinder Head/Crankshaft Storage Bags

Cylinder Head/Crankshaft Storage Bags.

20" X 40" 4 mil clear, 8 bags per pack


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