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331 - 354 - 392 Hemi Parts

Early Hemi/Donovan Spin-On Billet Aluminum Oil Filter Adapter

Billet Aluminum Remote Oil Filter Adapter

Early Hemi Camshaft Retainer Assembly

Early Hemi/Donovan Billet Aluminum Distributor/Mag Hold Down

Early Hemi Roller Rocker Arm

Complete assembly. Kit includes billet stands, (standard or offset) shafts, collars, and billet aluminum roller tip rockers. 

All pieces may be purchased individually.

Please call for pricing and availability.

331, 354 & 392 Hemi Billet Aluminum Roller Rocker Arms

These Rockers are built to high tolerance specs, offer improved oiling, fitted with high quality adjusters and Crower Roller.

Sold in Complete Sets, or individually.

Call for pricing.

Dodge Red Ram Early Hemi Billet Aluminum  Rocker Stand Set

(10 pcs.)


Hemi Billet Aluminum Rocker Stand Kit

354 and 392 Hemi Billet Aluminum Rocker Stand Kit. Call for details.

Stands can be purchase in standard shaft locations, or offset location.

NEW 331/354/392/Donovan Rocker Shafts

TOTALLY NEW Early Hemi Rocker Shafts. These Shafts are made from Hardened Steel, Ground to Exact Spec, and Hardened by a "Melonite Nitride QPQ" Treatment.

These Hemi Shafts offer a NEW improved oiling system. Shafts are designed for ALL EARLY HEMI/417 Donovan applications, including Nostalgia Top Fuel.

Hemi Aluminum Rocker Arm Collars

Early & Late Model Hemi Aluminum Rocker Arm Collars.  These billet aluminum rocker shaft collars replace the springs found between the rocker arms. These collars will eliminate any side to side movement and help to maintain consistent rocker arm geometry.

(Complete Set of 16)

354/392 Center 3 Main Caps

NEW, CNC Machined Billet Aluminum 4 Bolt Main Cap.

These caps are custom designed with angled side bolts that spread their load across the bottom of the block. Block will require line boring after installation.


331/354/392, Donovan Oil Bypass Plug

Billet Aluminum Oil Bypass Plug used to divert oil from the oil pump through the filter. This Oil Bypass Plug is a must have for all Early Hemis and Donovans using an aftermarket filter system. 

Please specify if ordering for either an Early Model or 5/8th" Donovan.

Billet Aluminum Oil Filter Adapter

Fits 354 and 392 early Hemi & Donovan blocks. Mounting bolts & O-Rings included.


Early Hemi Spark Plug Tube Seals

New billet Aluminum early Hemi spark plug tube seal adapters. These are a must for all early Hemi valve covers. These seals prevent any form of leakage between the spark plug tube and the outside of the valve cover.

Does not include the late model spark plug boot.

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